Hearts4Haiti Mobile Dental Care Est. 2010 initially opened for service as post-earthquake relief in the basement of a school at Maison de Lumière Orphanage in Del Mas 75, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Members of the H4H team, like Aahmes Kubucki, based out of Mission Viejo, California, arrived for her first missions trip with two teen aged daughters just days before the January 12, 2010 catastrophic event awakened the entire planet. The status of the orphanage & missionaries from OC were unknown for 48 hours. The medically untrained team helped Doctors provide emergency life-saving care including amputations for victims as the orphanage morphed into a surgical center as the only location that had power for miles.


Aahmes made a promise to the kids that she would never forget what happened and that she would return with help. She was rescued and flown in a helicopter to Puerto Rico.


Maison de Lumière, meaning ‘the lighthouse’ in French, is a non-profit organization that was led by Bill and Susette Manassero for ten years.  Child Hope is a ministry that develops the community from within but had no dental care on site as treatment in Port-Au-Prince is mostly limited to "pulling stations" as the only option for treatment of dental caries.


The Hearts4Haiti team arrived October 2010 armed with one dentist, Charles Slone DDS, one hygienist, Chandra Ann Shumar RDH, and tens of thousands of dollars in supplies and equipment upon Aahmes’s promised return visit as a member of our team of fourteen sent with two major goals. The first was the delivery of the H4H mobile, portable, pack-a-way dental clinic. The second, was for our engineer, Jeremy Whatley, to install solar power for the orphanage as part of a response to provide disaster relief. Our team continued to provide annual dental clinics to Del Mas 75 for many years to come as Jeremy relocated to rural Haiti and opened his own orphanage, Power for the Children (PFC), upon the discovery of a crisis of orphans left in the Haiti Hills beyond inhumane.


The current goal of Hearts4Haiti is to advocate necessary dental care for the orphaned of Haiti.



Another key member of H4H, Keith Markham, equipment specialist, photographer, carpenter and rock cutting extraordinaire discovered his talent for carving crosses into rocks during our 2012 trip, when the team had to pay a bribe to keep the police from arresting him for taking a rock from the street and cutting it. He sells his creations stateside to help support our missions.

Mariela Ramos from Ossur Orthopedics stepped up to fill brave shoes for on the job training as a dental assistant to Dr. Slone. She never imagined she would do that on a mission team, but found it to be a perfect fit leading to years of return trips.


Wilkens Melian, (who grounded H4H’s first dental clinic “Cuban Style,” as a former soldier of Cuba & electrician) saved the day with black tape when the power rendered the dental clinic unusable sending harsh electric shocks down the arms of providers.


Marty Kubicki, who didn’t believe in God, made him his first deal when his wife and two daughters went missing. If he could have them back, he swore he would participate. He’s been on every trip since & was instrumental in his help with technology to start H4H.


Chandra Elam feared the worst when Aahmes was missing in the quake, prompting her to read the website and a story behind every child at CHI. On Super Bowl Sunday 2010, she had a vivid dream of the Haiti Clinic that awakened her from a deep sleep.


Our youngest member, Kori Huckabee, learned Creole and taught preschool in Haiti for more than a year until she recently came home to the United States.

Melita Murphy is an artist & soul surfer who joined our team to paint murals in 2012. 

Carol Dooley is naturally gifted at infant and child care.

Gerri Markham is also a H4H team member gifted at child care.

Juana Tapia is a RDA*EF for the H4H dental clinic & clinical care provider.

Annette Sabatasso is the H4H stateside coordinator.

Jeremy Whatley is an original H4H member that moved to Haiti & started his own orphanage, Power for the Children (PFC).

Jim Duggan is an original H4H team member & leader. He is a 2010 Haiti earthquake survivor.

Aahmes Kubicki is also an original H4H team member & 2010 Haiti earthquake survivor.

Judy Slone DDS is a H4H stateside clinic coordinator.

Darcy Shondebare is a H4H team member involved with Meals Marathons & feeding programs.

Dana Spiedel-Thompson is one of the dental assistants for H4H.

Dr. Charles "Chuck" Slone is the H4H dentist.

Chandra Elam is the H4H dental hygienist.

Collin Marcus Odden is a member of the original team & videographer.

Robert Taylor helped prepare the H4H team for Child Hope International. He is also a 2010 Haiti earthquake survivor.


Each of our lives are forever changed by this country and its people who turned this group into advocates for human rights. Dental care for kids and empathy for a culture lacking the most basic fillings to treat them keeps the H4H team striving towards another project.


Our Mission: "Making the World a Better Place Putting Orphans at the Heart of Mobile Dentistry."


”Hearts4Haiti Mobile Dental Care & fundraising initiative supports a volunteer mobile dental clinic to travel globally and provide treatment to people who have no access to care, primarily in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.”
— Chandra Elam RDH

What We've Achieved

  •  In 2010, we built from scratch H4HMobileDentalCare inside Maison de Lumiere Orphanage in PAP, Haiti initially as post-earthquake relief. 
  • H4H served the orphanage in the years that followed along with other dental teams, until sabbatical in 2015. Please pray for our return.
  • H4H provides dental care for the orphaned at Mercy Home in Mexico.
  • H4H has provided care for its partner close in proximity, Casa Hogar.
  • One H4H founding member was so affected by his mission experience that he moved to Haiti & started his own orphanage in 2011. 
  • Power for the Children is further up the county in the Haiti Hills. In 2017, H4H partnered with PFC
  • Please pray for Child Hope International through reorganization.